Bittu’s Prana Yoga Shala offers the best and the world class ambience coupled with the compassionate teachers and trainers giving their best to create a new generation of Yoga Teachers. Bitu’s Yoga Shala is located in an exotic location, around the coastal area of North Goa and the other one located at Dharmasala which is at the magical Himalayan foothills. Yoga is always attuned with nature, learning yogic sciences at these places amid natural atmosphere is what a yoga enthusiast looks for. Nature assists a lot in the learning process of students and rejuvenates and heals the practitioners. Yoga is the only solutions for our modern day problems showing its impact on the physical and mental wellbeing. Stress related issues, depression and all the psychosomatic issues are prevalent in the modern world because of the fast paced lifestyle. Yoga not only enhances the physical flexibility but it helps at mental, emotional and spiritual level. Bittu’s Prana Yoga Shala is one of the best places to be and learn from expert and certified Yoga alliance (USA). Teaches to become a professional Yoga Teacher learning the intricacies and in-depth knowledge and wisdom of Yoga. Join the one-month program at Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala or Yoga Teacher Training in Goa and become professional experts in Teaching Yoga.

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Program Dates & Fees

Our Course Date Schedule For 2015- 2016


Course Date Fee Status Join
200 YTTC Dharamsala 5th May to 31st May 2015 1700/-Euro Open Apply
200 YTTC Dharamsala 3rd Jun to 30th Jun.2015 1700/-Euro Open Apply
200 YTTC Dharamsala 6th Jul. to 2nd Aug. 2015 1700/-Euro Open Apply
200 YTTC Dharamsala 5th Aug. to 1st Sept.2015 1700/-Euro Open Apply
200 YTTC Goa 23rd 21st Oct.2015 1800/-Euro Open Apply
200 YTTC Goa 25th 22nd Nov.2015 1800/-Euro Open Apply
200 YTTC Goa 25th 23rd Dec.2015 1800/-Euro Open Apply
200 YTTC Goa 06th 03rd Feb .2016 1800/-Euro Open Apply

Course Fee Includes

  • Course Fee
  • Accommodation (Separate Room)
  • Food, Break Fast & Tea Coffee
  • Yoga Course Manual


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Yogi Rajender ERYT 200 Yoga Alliance USA

Since my childhood, I have always been attracted to a healthy lifestyle. Due to my typical Indian Familial background, Indian culture and values have been embedded into my soul. The curiosity for deep understanding of Indian shastras and Vedas led me towards the informal education of vedas. After getting the informal knowledge of Indian Vedas, attraction to kundalini jagrati was natural. I realized the importance of daily exercises for the healthy and tranquil body, mind and soul. I did maintained my healthy balance through asanas (different postures of yoga), surya namaskar, breathing exercises, meditation and other petals of yoga. My interest and dedication for learning Yoga were increasing were only increasing day by day.

During travelling to different parts of India, in the search of a real Guide, who was going to help my spiritual uplift, I came across my guru Vaidya Jaswant 23 years ago. He is a renowned ayurveda and yoga acharya. After spending 3 years of strict Guru-shishya parampara (the ancient Indian traditional form in which teachers and students live together in a very strict & disciplined manner until the guru’s work is done with the student), I gained new experiences of physical, mental and spiritual wellness which I had never experienced before. This was a truly blissful feeling and again was only taking me deeper and deeper into the art and growing my interest further. Through my guru’s supreme guidance, Yoga has been and is continuing to be embedded into my mind, body and soul.

Ayurvedic knowledge was also being taught and practiced by myself through the guidance of my Guru.

Through my experience and growing expertise in yoga, I was able to travel to different parts of the world to both spread the wisdom and knowledge I had gained from this spiritual art and learn from different experts within this field. During my interaction with experts of Yoga and meditation (professors, professional trainers, Indian acharyas, etc.), I was able to join different Ashrams in different parts of the world, share and exchange experiences and practice different forms and types of Yoga.

While learning, practicing, and exploring Yoga for almost 23 years, I always inspired from Yoga Guru Swami Shivanand Ji and BkS Iyanger Ji. These are the gurus who have enlightened my soul and have taught me how to lead a stress free, healthy and positive life.

The true meaning of life for me is to share this knowledge I have gained with the world in the best possible way so that everyone can gain the benefits. Highly impressed by my Gurus, and acting on their advice, I started teaching Yoga in 1998. My teachings are of two types: classical Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga which is Iyanger based.

Yoga Guru Acharaya Jaswantji


Being hailed from a core Indian Family , he was very close to Indian Culture and practises.His father practised the our family tradition of Ayurveda Practise and mother was  a yoga teacher. Growing up in this environment, his attraction for both Ayurveda and Yoga was natural. At an early age of 5 years he had started learning Yoga from his mother.His father on the other side was so enthusiastic to teach him the  Ayurveda. After his formal studies and  graduation, when time had came to chose a career option , he realised  that Ayurveda and Yoga were the only things that he can continue for the whole life. After traveling in India and meeting and interacting the teachers who still were sticking to the old indian forms of Ayurveda and Yoga he learned the minute things which he thinks he  will not be able to learn from anyone else except the old teachings of Yoga by true Indian Yogis. In his process of learning and living with Yoga and Ayurveda , travelled other parts of world to know the present requirements that Yoga and Ayurveda can fulfil in our daily life and well being.After practising and learning for 15-20 years , he has gain respect and recognition in the north India. he runs a clinic in North India where Apart from Ayurveda treatment to chronical  diseases, he also teach work with meditation and Yoga for the fast improvement and to increase the mental strength to cope up with the ailments anguish.He is a real Indian Yogi in true means who has dedicated his whole life to Ayurveda and Yoga for the welfare of human beings.