Mahatma Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India, offers Yoga Alliance Certified 200 hour YTT Course which is an intensive residential 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. Most aspired course for all the Yoga enthusiasts aspiring to become a world class yoga teacher. Overall aspects of Yoga are taught by expert faculty in a simple way, where the students learn and practice by teaching and helping their co-participants, this gives the yoga teacher aspirants practical inputs on both learning and also the teaching aspects in becoming a professional Yoga Teacher. Mahatma Yoga Ashram provides inputs from basics to deeper philosophical aspects including the anatomy and physiological aspects of yoga.
The ashram environment is developed to suite the utmost needs of the Yoga enthusiasts with spacious and sacred places connecting back to the nature. Tranquil and serene environment is the perfect place to practice asanas, pranayama sessions and meditation and also indulge in discussions in the open spaces.
Mahatma Yoga Ashram offers Residential Yoga courses for beginners, 7 & 14 days Yoga retreat for individuals, Reiki and other healing courses for 1-3 days, tailored group retreats for yoga groups along with the regular Yoga Teacher Training courses. Mahatma Yoga Ashram is the perfect haven for the yoga enthusiasts right from beginners to those aspiring to be professional international yoga teachers.

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Program Dates & Fees

Yoga Teachers Training Rishikesh (200 Hour YTTC)

Mahatma yoga offers course for 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India for intensive 5 weeks recognized by international yoga federation. Our 5 weeks intensive teacher training certificate course is well suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners covering all the aspects of Yoga including benefits, alignments, adjustments, modifications and counter indications of each pose (asana), pranayama, meditation, yogic philosophy and anatomy and physiology of body and mind in a systematic way. So students can strengthen their own yoga practice through self-discipline and awareness and build experience and confidence to teach others the path of harmony by yogic life.

Our 200 hours Yoga TTC  is designed in a systematic way so the student learns the whole process of yoga and can get a proper understanding about it by opening each layer of this ancient yogic science. Our teacher training program will be focused on these 10 principals of yoga for 5 weeks. Topics included
1.    Asana (hatha and primary seris of ashtanga vinyasa )
2.    Pranayama
3.    Meditation
4.    Yogic purification (Kriya)
5.    Mudra & Bandhas
6.    Anatomy and physiology of yogic practice
7.    Yoga philosophy
8.    Mantra recitation
9.    Yogic life style(diet and discipline)
10.  Teaching methodology

Detailed Syllabus

By the end of the intensive five weeks course it will be a unique life changing experience , the student will possess a firm yoga foundation for teaching others, increase his learning capabilities by many degrees in a way of self realization, proper understanding of body, mind & soul, In addition to strengthening his or her own yoga practice with self-discipline and awareness.

Upon successful graduation of the course, students receive the 200 hour training certificate enabling them to register with   International Yoga Federation in their own country.

Yoga Teacher Training Daily Schedule

Our 200-hour program follows a tight schedule 0f 6 to 7 hrs classes a day in which we teach various aspects of yoga. The students will enjoy some free time between each class. During the yoga program we provide u 2 meals, herbal tea and fresh fruit juices. During classes the students should be equipped with notebooks to take notes in the classes. Our Certified Yoga Teacher Training Courses requires discipline and a deep passion to learn the teachings of Yoga to gain maximum benefit of yogic life style.
Daily Schedule

06.30 am                      Wake-up (wake-up herbal tea).
07.00 am                      Yogic purification / Body alignment exercise

07.45 am                      Pranayama with Mudra &Bandha
08.20 am                      Milk/ Fresh Fruit juice
09.00 am                      Hatha Yoga (Yoga teaching techniques)
12:00 pm                      Lunch
01.00 pm                      Main lecture Philosophy / Karma Yoga
02:15 pm                      Juice/ Milk/ Herbal Tea

03:00 pm                      Body Anatomy & Physiology
05.00 pm                      Ashtanga Yoga / (Advanced asana class)
07.00 pm                      Silence (Maun) / Meditation class
08.00 pm                      Dinner
9:00 pm                       Self-study / discussion / sharing with herbal tea.

10:00pm                       Good Night

Please note:

Sunday day off (except for morning Hatha Yoga class).
Our meals our based on a vegetarian diet.
100 % attendance in all classes is expected.
Everyone has to participate in karma yoga



The accommodations are spacious and have view to the Ganges River; composed of single and shared double rooms with basic amenities such as beds , and large bathrooms with hot water, and equipped with Western toilet seats and shower facilities.

Meals (yogic food) The dining room serves pure vegetarian meals. All the ingredients, vegetables and wheat used in our kitchen are products of organic farms only; garlic and onion are not used in our kitchen. A total of three meals is provided: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fruits are provided with breakfast and salad is provided with lunch / dinner. Tea is served twice daily.

Yoga Hall Our brand new Yoga hall is completely equipped and has been designed specially for the Mahatma Yoga Foundation members providing a beautiful view to the Ganga (Ganges) River.

Private access to the Ganges River Facilities
Drinking Water
We provide free and safe filtered drinking water (RO filtered) to all our students.
Safe Keeping
Valuables can be stored at the reception.
Limited telephone facility is available for making international / local phone calls.
Internet WiFi
internet facility is available.
Mail facility is available at the centers.
Medical Care
Assistance is provided in case of emergency.
Yogi Aum Ischwara Yogi Aum (olivier salaun) was born in 1975 in France. After completing his higher education at Bordeaux and Marseille University, he worked for CEA/Cogema, a leading world company in the field of radio protection and prevention for workers in radiation zones, developing good practice protocols for many companies.

At 23 his quest for inner knowledge led him to start travelling the world. In Australia and Africa he lived for a while with the indigenous people, developing a taste for simple living close to nature and observing rituals to invoke the Divine forces.

His passion for surfing took him to the beaches of Indonesia, Australia, Senegal, Spain,Portugal and France and educated him about the energy in life rhythms. The sensation and sense of connectedness with the elements and the ritual of waiting for the perfect condition proved to be one of his most beautiful and powerful experience to date. Despite the sense of brotherhood he felt amongst the culture of surfing, he found he had questions that his peers did not and he knew this lifestyle was not enough to provide the answers.

He continued travelling, working in China, New York, and visiting Tanzania, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Israel, Egypt and Europe, (UK, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Italy Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland) Hong

Kong,Singapore,Taiwan,Maylasia,Laos,Mauritania,Australia,Thailand,Indonesia, Brasil and Turkey.

His spiritual quest began in earnest in 2004 when he met Sogyal Rimpoche from whom he learnt some Buddhist meditation and teachings.

During this period Olivier also had the chance to enter the world of acting, training for 3 years with Jack Waltzer of the Actor’s Studio in New York and Paris. Working with visualisations to create and control emotions and understand the role of the emotional body and its expression led him to learn and understand about who we are in life and what the characters or roles that we play in life are.

Marc Vernet, a dynamic hypno psychotherapist, became his mentor for several years, Marc introduced him to the Theosophists and gave him a book, which was a further marking point and which he read many times, ‘Le Sentier du Disciple’, by Annie Besant. Olivier is also intrigued and inspired by the teachings of Krishnamurti.

In 2006 he met and practised with Dharma Mittra in NYC, a powerful Brazilian Yogi who directed Oliver to go to India to learn more about yoga and as the best thing he could do for himself.

In 2008 he finally made it, going directly to Rishikesh where he successfully completed a yoga teacher training course with Yogi Mahesh Chetan .

He stayed at Sant Seva Ashram where he met a kindred spirit called Yogiji, with whom he has recently established the Mahatma Yoga Foundation in a newly constructed 20 room head quarters, in the foot hills of the Himalayas, bordering the Ganges River in Laxman Jhoola.

Olivier intends to host quality yoga teacher training residential retreats for spiritual seekers from all over the world as well as developing awareness of selfless service for underprivileged children and ecological issues in the local area.


Yogendra singh Negi(yogi ji)

With the rising up of the Golden Sun, in the small village – Dharkot (a village in the Himalayas on the way to Gangotri), Yogiji was born in 1983 in a Rajput family with spiritual vibrations.Yogiji attained his education in Rishikesh. He was a scholar, quite and deep thinker during his student life. At the age of ten he received his first initiation into the path of yoga and meditation from a yoga master. He was very curious by nature, which led him to ask Swamiji the answers to some of his profound questions. Majority of the time his query was thoughtful and reflective. He began studying the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads and learnt from Swamiji the way to connect with the supreme. HE ESTABLISHED IDEALISM AS A YOGA STUDENT.He has met and learnt from many masters and Gurus. At the age of twelve he met his Spiritual Master, Hardav Singh Maharaja, who initiated him into the Nirakara Tradition (A tradition of believers of formless and all pervading God ). Yogiji performed seva with his Guruji for several years both in the Rishikesh Ashram and on tours throughout India, assisting with many aspects of program management for crowds up to 20 Lakh.

At sixteen, he returned to the Himalayan mountains for two years, where he had beautiful awakenings whilst on pilgrimage which inspired him to keep his motivation to stay on the yogic path high. He also met Narayan Datt, from the Udarsingh Panchayati Bara Akhara disciple of a powerful Mouni Baba and Tantric Master who taught Yogiji about mantras and the use of mountainous Herbs. In 2010 Swami ShankaranandaGiri initiated him into Kriya Yoga. Yogiji has also been inspired for many years by the teachings of Swami Sivananda and Paramahamsa Satyananda. His basic qualification is M. Com., an advanced diploma in Software Engineering along with a Diploma in Yogic Science and Naturopathy. He has been the Administration Manager of the reputed SantSewa Ashram in LaxmanJhoola, Rishikesh for 6 years and is currently completing a one year Doctorate in Naturopathy from Gorakhpur, Arogyadham. A qualified yoga and meditation teacher and Reiki master, Yogiji teaches many modalities of yoga – which includes Hatha, Ashtanga and Kriya with a knowledge of both the practices and accompanying philosophy. Yogiji is dedicated and both skilled and wise beyond his years. His knowledge is enriched with innocent humor – which inspires all his students lifelong.

Ajay Bijalwan

Yogi Ajay Bijalwan born in the small town of Pauri Garhwal, which is situated in the lap of the Himalayas. He came to Rishikesh (the city of spirituality and the land of sages, which made it so special after practicing their spiritual practice. (“SADHANA”) only at the age of 12 and learnt the traditional yoga in the Gurukul with the great master. Basically he was initiated by his Guru. He studied at the SANSKRIT SCHOOL – where he learnt the ancient MANTRAS, MUDRAS, and the basics of yoga philosophy.

Basically Ajayji was very keen to study YOGA and regarding other skills – which can be helpful to sharpen his skill and having command on it. He has achieved mastery over it. He is very punctual since beginning. He has been committed to the field through out the life. He is not only a perfect yogabhyasi, but an excellent yoga teacher (instructor) too. He believes that without conceptual clearance, the monument of yoga cannot be built. And so, he clears all the doubts of the students and other yoga lovers very nicely. His explanation power is so nice, anyone having any academic background can understand and digest the things with a great zeal.
He gives comprehensive coaching of yoga.

Truike-Boekhold-Daly Geertruike Boekholt-Daly ERYT 200 Yoga alliance USA

Geertruike Boekholt –Daly is a native of the Netherlands and a 200 hour ERYT 200 yoga instructor who is currently practicing for her 500 hour certification. Her parents were yogis and she has been practicing for over 10 years. She completed her yoga teaching training at Rishikesh Yogpeeth in 2009 and while there started working with the street children she met. A year later she did reiki 1 training at the renowned “Shri Sant Seva Ashram” and she is a Primary teacher at Mahatma Yoga ashram in Rishikesh India.
She decided to create her own school to help the underprivileged children there and successfully opened the doors to “Children of the Ganges”. She believes that we all can do something to make this world a little better and yoga and meditation have been the source of inspiration to her; taking it of the mat! Her gentle teaching style is: traditional hatha yoga with meditation mixed with her own personal experience as a music teacher and joyful attitude makes for a special yoga workout; a little oasis for you while in a supportive environment. She is also a proud mother of twins and music and movement teacher at The United Nations International school where she has also taught a community yoga class to staff members. She taught further more family Beach Yoga at the Mamaroneck Beach and is honored to be part of Mahatma Yoga Ashram.