Yogayug envisions the widespread of Yogic knowledge to one and all. To drive its mission ahead, Yogayug offers exclusive yoga teacher training programs and this is the only way yoga can be spread across the globe at a brisk pace. In this fast paced and materialistic world where wealth predominates health and people are on a rats’ race in accumulating wealth at the cost of health. The irony is that all this accumulated wealth is spent on regaining health which he lost in the process of mad race towards gaining wealth. Ignorance of self-knowledge is one of the major reasons for such a pathetic state of humanity. The knowledge of yoga and yogic science works as an absolute guide in leading a balanced life. Yogayug caters to the needs of the sincere aspirants looking for authentic and traditional yoga classes based upon the classical teachings including asanas, breathing techniques termed as pranayama, meditation and detoxification techniques. It offers various teacher training programs teaching the various forms of yoga like hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, iyengar yoga, astanga yoga, etc. giving the overall exposure and the right understanding of the essence of the yoga sutras and making the trainer an adept and expert trainer in yoga.

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Program Dates & Fees

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Upcoming Course Dates:  
No. Dates Center Place Course Fee.
01 1st  Nov. To 28th Nov.2015 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
02 5th December to 3rd January 2016 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
03 5th January to 3rd February 2016 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
04 5th February to 3rd March 2016 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
05 5th March to 3rd April 2016 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
06 5th April to 3rd May 2016 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
07 5th May to 3rd June 2016 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
08 5th June to 3rd July 2016 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
09 5th July to 3rd August 2016 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
10 5th August to 3rd September 2016 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
11 5th September to 3rd October 2016 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
12 5th October to 3rd November 2016 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
13 5th November to 3rd December 2016 Rishikesh 1450/- US Dollars
Please Note :

1.Rishikesh Center Fee is all inclusive single accommodation food and course fee.
2.Registration Fee 250/-Dollars its part of Fee, Balance you need to pay at center
3.Course Registration fee: $ 250/- (Non refundable.)

Admission Process

Students need to fill online enquiry form available on institutes website
For make an enquiry

Our centre co-coordinator will send you detailed information about course.

If you find the course suitable for you. You need to get registered by paying registration fee of 250 USD . For registration fee payment It’s part of fee.

Balance fee of 1050 USD need to be paid before classes are started.
(Fee is non-refundable under any circumstances but it transferable for any other upcoming course)

Age criteria:
Students should be minimum of 18 years of age.

Education qualification:
No specific academic qualification required.

Certifications :
Minimum 95 % attendence is must for eligiable of ceritification if not we not provide certification of course.

Important :
In our institute while yoga teacher training course period we not allowed any other activity other then yoga teacher training course and if managements come to know if any students doing this activity their admission from immediately terminated and any cost course fee not be refundable

Language preference:
English is must for non Indian students.

Medical Issues:
Student must be inform us prior, if they have any ailment OR Medical History.


Course Structure

Techniques Training Practice

Bandhas lecture practice: Jalandhara Bandha, Moola Bandha, Uddiyana
Bandha, Maha Bandha

Pranayama lecture everyday practical training: Prana Pranic Body, abdominal/diaphragmatic breathing, thoracic breathing, yogic breathing, alternate nostril breathing, Sheetali Pranayama, Sheetkari Pranayama, Bhramari Pranayama, Ujjayi Pranayama, Bhastrika Pranayama, Kapalbhati

Mudras meaning and practice: Jnana Mudra, Chin Mudra, , Hridaya Mudra

Meditation techniques: silent sitting (Vipasana), dynamic meditations, dance meditations, silent walking in nature, silent day (individual), art meditation(meditation through art)

Kriyas theory and practice; benefits and contraindications, techniques and practical tips: Jala Neti, Sutra Neti, Shankhaprakshalana (Langhoo Shankhaprakshalana), Vaman Dauti (Kunjal Kriya), Kapalbhati, Trataka
Mantras and chanting:

Which is commonly use in Vedic culture

Teaching Methodology

Art of teaching: teachers qualities , intentions attitude, teaching styles, observation (general particular, giving instructions, feedback, sequencing, class management class routine, principles of demonstration theory and practice versus, how to demonstrate, how not to demonstrate, practice in groups + feedback)
Anatomy of alignment theory and practice

Correction techniques

Modes of adjustment

Art of touch physical adjustment
Practice in pairs on concrete asanas
Yoga in the market place:
Yoga for older people

Anatomy Physiology

General movement and body terminology

Systems of the human body their meaning and functions
Nervous, Skeletal and Muscular systems and their co-relations in context of yoga practice (special focus! )
The way we move key muscles of yoga analyses of muscles work in practiced asanas (theory practice)
Yoga and health benefits and contraindications of asanas; basic elements of yoga therapy
Energy channels Chacras theory
Written assignment on muscles in context of yoga practice + written practical tests

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers

Essence of Yoga history, definitions, modes, contemporary meaning:
Historical and cultural background of Yoga
Definition of yoga and its interpretations
4 paths of yoga (Bhakti, Jnana, Karma, Raja)
5 pillars of yoga
3 gunas
Karma reincarnation
Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita study on selected texts
OM/ AUM and its meaning
Patanjali Yoga Sutras and their interpretations (selection); 8 limbs of yoga and their meaning in the contemporary WorldEthics for yoga teachers

Values and meaning of being Yogi

the place for Yogi in today’s World
yogic daily routine: principles of diet, meaning of practice and essence of lifestyle
Guided group discussion about basic philosophical issues related to yoga:
The Self and The Ego
The Consciousness
Self Awareness
The Responsibility of being a Yoga Teacher
Written assignment on selected philosophical topics


Swami Achyut Chaitanya : ERYT 200

Shree Achyut Chaitanya is an eighteen year-experienced yoga teacher. He is ERYT-200 Yoga teacher Certified with Yoga Alliance USA
His basic qualification is: B.Sc. Physics: He was a resident of Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh for two years and two years was a student of Swami Dayananda at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Coimbatore. Underwent Yoga, Vedanta and Sanskrit courses at both these places.
He has also successfully completed s intense Yoga teacher training in 2004 at The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre at Kerala, India with headquarters at Canada.Experience: He is enriched with 18-year-experience at various yoga centers across India.

He is a dedicated yoga faculty with insightful teaching style. He inspires his students a lot. With his radiant energy he shares the traditions of yoga to create a powerful and holistic healing experience to his students. He crafts a very supportive environment to empower the followers and the students to bring out their hidden potentials. He is result –oriented. He teaches the Hatha style of yoga and he is very attentive to his students’ individual needs capabilities. He emphasis on fostering self-awareness.



Udayji is an SVYASA (Banglore) certified yoga teacher’s trainer. Right now he studies B.Sc. 2nd year in Yoga. He has studied yoga therapytoo. He teaches Iyenger Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Power Yoga in Yoga Vedanta Trust for one year. He integrates elements from all these into his classes.

He is a zealous yoga trainer. He follows excellent methodology of teaching. He is always ready to update himself and to groom his skills. He is passionate about sharing the gift of Yoga. He always grasps every possible opportunity to help the people to discover their highest potential!

Whatever brings you to your mat, whether it is to connect or sweat, it is my honor to guide you through your intention.